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Our Visions is to construct the most beautiful mausoleums you will ever see in this country. To have a our name in your hearts and your future generations. Knowing that your complete satisfaction was well completed

About Us

Royal Mausoleums has been 100% family owned and operated business for the past 50 years! Today the 2nd generation own and operate the business, whilst maintaining the traditions and values of our parents.Whether you are pre-planning or preparing for a sudden loss, we will assist you in arranging the service that is right for you. Our professional and courteous staff is available day and night, as we know that tragedy can occur without notice. Our core value is to be available and attentive to the needs of American families.For us, serving you at a time of need is more than a business. It is a privilege. Our products are bought from prestigious Companies like Rock of Ages , who have been in business since the early 1900’s

OUR Team

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13355 Noel Road Ste 1100 Dallas, TX 75240