Frequently Ask Questions

Where Do I Begin ?

You would first locate the cemetery that you wish to purchase your plots from and have your Mausoleum installed. After which you wouldthen request from your cemetery their rules and regulations for above ground burials. Once you have gathered the necessary information from your cemetery, you can then view the extensive display of products and information available on our site for  you to choose from. Please note all Mausoleums are specially customized to the clients wants and the cemetery guidelines.

How do I begin the purchasing transactions for a mausoleum ?

In this technological era we are in, orders can be placed via phone, fax, email and regular mail. Once you are ready to proceed with the purchase, we will supply you with an order form or you can request an order form from our office or on our website. Once an order has been placed a 25% deposit is required to proceed. A proof sheet with the layout and inscription would be sent to you for approval and/or correction. All corrections are to be emailed or faxed to the office. Once we receive the signed proof sheets from you approving inscriptions and structure an acceptance form will be sent to your cemetery highlighting the mausoleum chose with details such as type, size and color. The cemetery will then be required to sign and stamp the acceptance form. This is done to ensure we abide by cemetery guidelines at all times. When the signed acceptance form is received from the cemetery, we will then proceed with the production of your Mausoleum.

 How is payment  made? How is my money protected?

Payment is not made to Royal Mausoleums direct. An escrow company is used to collect and disburse funds per contract terms agreed upon. This form of payment protects both the buyer and the seller. An escrow company ensures that all buyers and sellers are protected equally and their disputes dealt with the utmost concern. Escrow Company verifies the funds sent by the buyer and keeps them in safe custody for the seller.

How long does it take to manufacture and ship the Mausoleum for my loved one?

The Mausoleum will be delivered to your cemetery within 4-8 weeks of receiving the signed acceptance form from your cemetery. Please note that this time can vary depending on the client’s custom order or if the granite chosen needs to be imported.

 Is it hard for an out of state mausoleum dealer to get approval to sell a mausoleum in my state?

During our years of business, we have been faced with few problems with the cemeteries and absolutely no problems within the states we have sold and installed Mausoleums. If you choose to have, your Mausoleum placed on private land as some of our clients have done in the past, you will need to seek the rules and regulations and necessary permits from your city/county.

Many cemeteries also sell Mausoleums and actually use the same manufacturers we use and their manufacturers purchase the granite from the same Quarries we purchase our granite blocks; they also use the same foundry on the bronze as we do.

Under federal restraint of trade law, it is illegal for a cemetery to refuse a mausoleum from an outside mausoleum dealer, as long as the Mausoleum meets the cemetery requirements.

If I purchase a Mausoleum pre-need, how are the dates placed after my passing?

Inscriptions on the granite itself are usually done at the cemetery after the Mausoleum has been installed .If your mausoleum is purchased pre- need we can inscribe the names date of births and leave the necessary space for the date of death to be placed. Cemeteries usually have their own monument lettering company, which you can pre pay or you can have your family arrange for them to place the date of death when the time arises. You can also hire a local company to have this done, as they are usually more cost effective than the cemeteries.

Is the cemetery responsible for my memorial if we get it from you?

We will replace without cost to the client any and all parts of the mausoleum that is damaged during production and shipping. Once the Mausoleum has been installed at the cemetery, the cemetery would be responsible for any damage due to their negligence, such as lawn mowers, trees or the crypt opening and closing process.

Why choose a Mausoleum over other traditional burials?

The greatest tribute you can give to yourself and your loved ones is a Mausoleum. Mausoleums serve to help families cope with their losses. By establishing permanent memorials that are designed to last through the ages. Mausoleums are also important for historians as granite Mausoleums assure that lives can be documented decades, or even centuries, after death. Even for people whose bodies have been cremated, no matter how the ashes are disbursed, cremated loved ones are often given memorials, complete with Mausoleums installed, in today’s cemeteries. We can help you personalize your Mausoleum with personal touches that possess meaning to you and your loved ones. Mausoleum prices vary tremendously based on the size, color of granite selected, addition of statues quantity of crypts and addition of benches, just  to name a few.

Why Pre Plan?

The death of a loved one is always upsetting, but you may be able to ease your family’s burden by planning ahead. You will want to minimize your relative’s distress during the trying months after your departure. By purchasing your mausoleum before the need arises, you reduce estate taxes, eliminate the need for other memorials and avoid costly vaults and expenses of traditional ground burial. All of the factors combine to make the cost of the above-ground mausoleum entombment comparable to that of the traditional burial. -You are able to make comfortable choices without the pressure of being in a crisis situation. – You want to be self-reliant and have your affairs in order at the end of your life – You relieve your family of having to make important financial decisions during a period of great stress and grief. -You make better financial decisions when family members aren’t feeling emotions of grief or guilt. – You want your final wishes to be followed – You Control funeral cost – and even lock them in at today’s rates. – Above-ground entombment is accepted by families of all religious faiths.


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