How To Choose

As you may not know Cemetery mausoleums and private estates are considered almost same. Private estates are for family owned mausoleums, and mausoleums can be private or public mausoleums like community mausoleums

Choosing a granite :  What is Granite  ?

Choosing a Color

Granite color is an important decision in choosing a Mausoleum, more than one color can be incorporated to add distinction e.g. the mausoleum can be grey granite and the crypt doors can be black granite

Colors Available:

Quantity Of Niches or Crypts

The number of persons to be entombed , that is the amount of crypts ( for Caskets) and the amount of Niches ( for cremated ashes)

Size of Mausoleum

Size of the mausoleum will be dependent on a few factors:

  1. The amount of persons to be entombed
  2. The size of plot/plots purchased
  3. Personal preference of client
  4. Size restrictions by cemetery from whom plot was purchased

Style of Roof

The roof can be flat or gable and any other style that does not compromise the architectural integrity

Granite Thickness

Granite thickness can vary from 4 inches to 8 inches. The thickness is dependent on the client’s preference and the cemetery regulations per granite thickness

Stained Glass Window

Design for stained glass windows to be chosen, the quantity and size of windows to be chosen along with the location of the windows.

Bronze Door

Style of bronze door to be chosen and choice of single door or double door and handles

Additional Features

Additional features can be added for personalization, such features are benches, statues, steps ,cap ,columns etc.


The Family name to be placed on roof of building, names and dates to be inscribed on crypt doors. Mausoleums can be further personalized by the family by choosing scriptures, flowers, bibles, interlocking rings heartfelt notes etc. to be inscribed

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