What happens when I decide to buy a Mausoleum ?

Steps 1

Design : We will talk over the design work over the phone and try to get a feeling of what you are in need of. We will need to Analyze your purchased lot and its surroundings. Once we have an idea we will meet with you at your home or at our office. At the meeting we will have a designer who will mock up a 3D design on site. We will work on the design until we get it too 100% satisfaction. Once we have conquered the design we will take it to the 2nd step.

Steps 2

Plans : Once we have have completed the 1st Step we will start with the Architecture plans for the mausoleum and for the foundation. We will then submit it to you and your cemetery for the approval. Once you have approved the plans we will then submit it to the quarry and follow step .3

Steps 3

Quarry :  We will send cut sheet plans to the quarry so they can process the block sizes as needed. Once we have all the Blocks ready we will then ship it to the factory .

Steps 4

Factory :  We will then process the block and cut them to slabs, which then after we will start polishing and cutting it to the exact measurment.Once all the pieces are cut , we will prepare to crate them and get them ready for transport directly to the cemetery.

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